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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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45 miles per hour in germantown. the weather tonight according to the futurecast, the concentrated rain with the highest wind potential will be around 11:00, clearing out overnight. it will be breezy and chilly tomorrow and we will get back on track for winter, but temperatures near 70 in many areas. >> new at 5:00, as we watch our local weather situation right now, this system caused serious problems to the south. this dramatic video is right outside of the atlanta. you can see a tornado touching down there. we are getting a first look at the damage this powerful system left behind. >> that storm, those dramatic pictures about an hour outside of atlanta, passing right over freeway at one point. a local report says a large tree on meshed, killing a man who had saw shelter inside. -- a large tree fell on eight
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shed. -- on a shed. but there are reports of people trapped in the debris and at least one death. >> these trucks and cars flying over the truck. it was unbelievable. >> tornado sirens sounded warning residents to find cover fast. >> i was worried about everybody else, my family. >> the same system hit this factory. the deadly funnel cloud was part of a massive storm system pounding the southeast. power is out for tens of thousands after a confirmed a tornado touched down. from the air you can see the damage, homes and businesses ripped apart in memphis.
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she was not letting go of our grandson. -- her grandson. storm cleanup is underway in alabama. elsewhere in the state, strong winds tore down this church steeple. >> the good thing is no one was injured. >> it is no in nebraska and iowa. omaha is digging out from up to 5 inches. in pennsylvania, there are wind gusts strong enough to blow over a state police helicopter. parts of new york, dense fog. >> just incredible stuff there. closer to home, the severe weather in the second half of the day of wild weather. we continue our team coverage.
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>> the rain is the starting to fall in northwest washington. in this neighborhood of bloomingdale, you can see we have a truckload of sandbags. they want to get them in place before the heaviest rain hit. >> with a monster storm heading our way some brace for a winter deluge of rain. piling sandbags in front of this cafe. >> i hope we will be okay. >> an advanced glass of warm air, and in just hours we went from a stinging cold to sweating it >> it was so cold last week with the snow and everything. >> some expressed fear the extreme temperature change would mean went through weather.
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>> between the brief time between bitter cold and pounding storms it is beyond nice. extravagant. >> most are aware the warm-up is temporary. it is still january, and it is a long haul until spring. >> i think it is going to storm, so i am anticipating that this will be short-lived. >> in northwest d.c., is actually bombingbalmy, but there are some dark clouds moving our way. this stack of sandbags was a lot higher an hour ago. people stopping by and picking them up, taking them home to line their homes before the water if it comes. >> you can download are storm watch weather at on your iphone
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or android bone. >> -- our android phone. >> three people were shot today at an office complex. one is in critical condition. they are looking for a suspect. they say it is a white man in his 60s. return to the latest development in a showdown over gun rights in this country. just hours ago former that she would like to seek common sense gun-control laws. >> more on the testimony and the reaction to it. >> she is still struggling with the brain damage he suffered in the shooting in arizona but today gaby giffords, along with her husband, captain martelly, said it is time for common-sense gun control. >> we must do something.
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>> gabrielle giffords says it is hard to talk but today she is speaking out telling congress to many children have been killed by gunfire. >> it will be hard, but the time is now. you must act. >> today endeavour was just one of hundreds in the packed hearing room. this mother of three is talking to be heard and read the group 1 million moms were bombed control, hopes others will be heard -- 1 million moms for gun control. carrying a picture of her son she recalls the day in 2003 when the young new york city councilman was gunned down inside city hall by political rival.
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>> she should have all these things in place. >> a spokeswoman for the independent women's forum insist the new laws will not stop criminals only law-abiding americans. >> guns meg whitman saber. over 90% of violent crimes occur without a firearm, which make guns and a great equalizer for women. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> there are definitely passions on both sides of the issue. one place on the million moms facebook page said if you are anti-gun, don't bother crying for help when you are raped or murdered. in the six weeks since it form, and has almost $60,000 on facebook. -- 60,000 followers on facebook. >> a conviction of former police officer daniel harmon-wright may
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be thrown out after several jurors admitted to looking at a dictionary before the trial and before rendering their verdict. jeff will have a live report on that story coming up at 5:30. >> officials were in hot water tonight after was revealed that waited to warn the public about a meningitis outbreak. they waited nearly a week before alerting area residents. in the meantime there have been 25 cases of meningitis reported including two deaths. >> we turn to our special coverage of super bowl xlvii. tonight we have a closer look at the recovery in new orleans 7.5 years after hurricane katrina.
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brad bell is live outside the superdome. >> the super dome itself is one of the real symbols of the heartache of katrina. people took refuge here in the note was badly damaged. it has been completely refurbished. that is the message for people who love this town. they say new orleans is really starting to boom. on august 31, 2005, 80% of new orleans was underwater. as the best 15 feet. this late the neighborhood was among the hardest hit. -- lakeview neighborhood was among the hardest hit. abc 7 was there as he and other homeowners were allowed back in for the first time. it was a chaotic scene. people went looking for missing
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relatives or just to see the damage done. >> it was a surreal feeling paddling through these neighborhoods. it was like that for miles in all directions. seven years later, i remember shooting that vignette of very well. i was right here. it was up there at the corner of this house where i was pulling myself along by the gutters. his home, like all the others, was ruined, but he vowed to rebuild. >> i think we stayed in a fema trailer for 18 months. >> there are still many lots but after years of delays construction is booming. >> we really believe that new orleans is back, and it is back stronger than ever. >> dennis says he hopes everyone
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notices the new vitality. >> we hear that from a lot of people. they want people to come down and spend their money. we will look at a different part of town, the lower ninth ward. things there are moving a little more slowly. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> those pictures are very welcome sight. baltimore is leading purple right now. >> we will show you how they are gearing up for sunday.
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drags into a second night in alabama. 65-year-old military veteran jamie lee dykes awarded a school bus and fatally shot the driver. >> it is an extremely difficult situation to have, no windows and i would guess only one entry and exit. that means he can do whatever he was able to do in the seconds before they are able to get through the door to harm himself or harm the child. >> he is due in court today to answer charges that he shot at a neighbor during a property dispute. a horrific accidents on the beltway this morning. a firefighter was critically injured. seven people were hurt in this accident including a tractor-
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trailer, another vehicle involved. jennifer donilon is live in baltimore with the efforts of doctors, and who might be involved here. >> after it least nine hours of delicate and intricate surgery to reattach his arm after it was severed from his elbow down in an early morning accident on the beltway. >> the tendons the veins arteries the nerve. but the head of the hand institute and his team ready and waiting for emmons after they got word he was on his way. dr. higgins was one of 15 surgeons to perform the first double hand transplant on an iraqi vet. we brought you that story yesterday.
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>> is a community, and all of us know the feeling of going on a call at 3 in the morning and then something happens. >> late this afternoon, princess -- and george's county police released their findings on the accident that had the beltway shut down for hours. a fire engine was responding to an accident call. police say the engine collided with a semi tractor trailer. the two trucks slid into the median and hit an suv. all seven people were hurt including a firefighter but emmons arms were cut off. so far the surgery was a success according to the doctors, but the coming days are critical. >> we are in a very watchful estate. >> there was great relief on behalf of the family of the
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firefighters as they stepped outside for a break. one member told me he is alive and he has both of his arms. the family had just celebrated his promotion to lieutenant when they were called here. as the surgeon engine, he said the next 72 hours will be critical. -- as the surgeon said. >> that is reminiscent of the story we just saw yesterday down in baltimore. >> we have an active weather evening ahead of us. >> 10:00, 11:00 tonight when we see the chances for the heaviest rain and the highest wind and the biggest concerns. it will be several hours before that happens. we want to start this evening with one of our weather cameras
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in frederick. we. our weather cameras to the sky for a reason. take a look at what we captured this evening. the leading edge of some very heavy rain pushes quickly into the frederick area. all of a sudden we get the rain , gusty winds, and that will be replayed over and over again as a strong cold front moves in our direction for the evening hours. the doppler radar systems show the leading edge of rain the highlighted in yellow with looks beckel the bread. that is the heavy downpours right now. -- with the law it'll speckles -- the little speckles of rain. we are under a winded by three. picking up a good rainfall amount already with heavier
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rains farther to the southwest still to come through the region later this evening. we have a severe thunderstorm warning that stretches back through western north carolina, western south carolina, and then heavy rain follows that. we have a lot of rain coming and then possible flooding. that is why we are under a flash flood watch as well. in effect over southwest virginia. the yellow areas a tornado watch all the way to the florida border. a lot of active weather pushing in our general direction ahead of this very strong cold front. as far as last flood watches, we have those active now no active warnings. no wind warnings yet. this is what the temperature map looks like, kind of crazy.
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still seven degrees in manassas and fredericksburg and 62 -- 60 degrees in the district. the rain is pushing up to the northeast and later tonight we will have a gusty winds and the heaviest rain moving through the area. the computer model simulates the weather conditions and look at the evening hours 8:00, 9:00 is when we anticipate the heaviest rain will come through the region and then we will get back on track for more of a wintry weather pattern. tomorrow, partly cloudy in the upper '40's, a chance for snow showers friday morning and windy and cold again on saturday. then we will settle down to the 40's with part a cloudy skies. >> a major traffic alert for anyone travelling in and out of the district to work.
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controversy surrounds the ravens. what is your leader said she has been banned from participating in super bowl sunday. >> a super week here in baltimore as
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> the sunday super bowl in new
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orleans is a trip 12 years in the making for baltimore fans. >> the excitement stretches far beyond the confines of the ravens home, m&t bank stadium. the city is ready for super bowl sunday. >> we are in the heart of ravens country. everywhere we went around town today, we found people like the folks here at this restaurant putting up declarations -- decorations, turning to the town purple with pride. >> i made a hoodie and a hairband. kind of crazy, i guess. >> baltimore has gotten caught up in a purple haze.
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but we are going to win sunday. >> in fells point, they are helping spread the purple fever with super bowl shirts. >> let's just hope we win the game, we can sell more. >> we are ravens proud around here. >> people redecorating the town for what they believe will be a sunday super bowl victory celebration. >> baltimore is purple. >> at the canton pub, they are preparing for a big super bowl party. they love their ravens here, the team that brought the city together. >> we love football around here. everybody loves the ravens. >> the really, really do love their ravens here and are
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looking for a big win on sunday at a huge party after the super bowl. >> meanwhile, tonight there is one team veteran who will not get to suit up for the super bowl. courtney has been a ravens cheerleader for five years now but did not receive an invitation to the big game. she said it is in retaliation for announcing that she plans to retire. the team said it can only take about half the squad, and she did not make the cut. fans have started an on-line petition on her behalf.
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>> an unexpected turn of events in the trial of daniel harmon- wright in culpeper.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, otorm watch tonight, we are drive at the moment but bracing for some heavy storms. >> doug hill joins us with an update on the storm track for us tonight. >> the leading edge of some the rain is just to the west of us. a/blood watch is in effect and wind advisories, but again, this is just the leading edge -- a flash flood watch is in effect. this is what was in play out west of town. very dark and rain blowing through, a lot more of that tonight. montgomery county had over an inch and over an inch in leesburg, too. later tonight we will progress
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for this line of heavy weather pushing to the northeast with torrential downpours and high wind. a lot more is coming up in just a couple of minutes. technet return to a developing story in prince george's county where the conviction of a former police officer could be thrown out, just 24 hours after a jury convicted him. daniel harmon-wright was found guilty on three counts in the shooting death of patricia ". jeff is live now with predicate stand right now. >> a strange turn in the story today. it is now in hands of a judge. we learned early this morning about possible issues of jury misconduct. daniel harmon-wright was convicted of manslaughter killing last year a patricia cook, but not murder. the defense is calling for a mistrial. with his head hung low, his hands and feet shackled, daniel
5:33 pm
harmon-wright is brought into court for what is supposed to be a sentencing hearing. instead, it was the jurors under oath it -- after it was discovered that two dictionaries and one thus far us were brought into the court during deliberations. one juror testified, we understood the definition better after reading the dictionary. it was more straightforward. the prosecutor asked after getting a clearer definition of the word malice, did you reach a resolution in favor of the defendant? he responded yes. >> i will decline comment because there are still ongoing issues. >> the jury foreman testified she brought the materials into the room after asking if it was
5:34 pm
ok. sheriff scott jenkins told us nothing was done wrong. >> the judge gave specific instructions not to bring in outside resources in. >> the prosecutor argued in court today that the verdict should stand because all the jurors essentially came to a unanimous decision. he said there is no question of my client did not receive a fair trial. the judge will rule on friday morning on how to proceed with the case. >> let us know what happens. time for a look at today's other top stories. seven people were injured including four firefighters after serious morning crash on the beltway. doctors reattach the arm of one of the firefighters. involve a tractor-trailer and
5:35 pm
suv. three vehicles overturned. the cleanup took hours, stretching well into the morning commute. >> one of the nation's most prominent on violence victims gabrielle giffords congress --, -- congresswoman spoke today on gun-control. >> severe storms have led to heavy damage outside atlanta. this is video of a funnel cloud that was captured about 60 miles northwest of atlanta. >> a major road closure starting tomorrow morning. it includes the eighth street se on ramp to 695 and the ninth st. se rent. that area will be closed for at least a year and half. the tours are already in place.
5:36 pm
-- the doors are already in place. -- detours are already in place. >> a crash in less center lane for yourself past the prince william parkway heading toward the triangle. heading toward the 27 leesburg, underlain seeing slowed traffic through montgomery county. the earlier accident on the inner loop, travel lanes are now open just after 4:00 this afternoon. railroad dates are down. you want to head over towards nicholson lane and that will get your around the scene. georgia avenue southbound, there
5:37 pm
is an emergency water main worked and only the left lane is getting by. >> a medical first saves the life of a local woman. >> the battle to make sure our kids get a proper education is the mission of an important group in our region. >> a new first for safety in the district of columbia.
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>> the district of columbia has the second lowest graduation rate in the country. one local program is focused on making sure people not only graduate from high school but also attend college. when you step inside this incubator, it is obvious the students are engaged in what they are doing. it turns out they are not just working on homework. >> we have can be land --
5:41 pm
candyland. >> is a four-year program for at risk high school students. >> a young person's idea is the most powerful vehicle to get them connected to school and secondary education. >> selected students launch their own companies in their sophomore and junior years. the students get funding by eight asking venture capitalist to become investors and the promised returns. >> it helps me be a better person and manage money. >> the focus is ultimately on higher education. >> they want to push you to be the best you can. >> staff and volunteers take the students out on college visits and help with college applications. every student the sure applied
5:42 pm
to college and half of them have received their acceptance. >> i am really happy. >> that is what it is all about. it is only available to students attending the three designated schools this year but there'll be two more schools next fall. >> an apparent revelation in the manti te'o girlfriend hoax case. the comments rihanna is making about her choice to get back together with her ex.
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have to be taken out as well. a couple of weeks ago she underwent a groundbreaking transplant that is already changing her life. doctors are harvesting healthy lymph nodes from a woman's growing and transposing them to her underarm where a cancerous lymph nodes have been removed. viola is the region's first and only breast cancer survivor to have a lymph node transplant. she developed a very painful condition or body fluids do not drain, causing her arm and hand it to swell. >> it hurt really bad. even simple things like putting on a coat.
5:47 pm
>> three weeks ago viola had a seven-hour transplant at fairfax hospital. >> there is note immune type of rejection like we see with other types of transplants. >> now there is hardly any swelling. >> it feels good. >> it will be about nine months before doctors know how successful the transplant is. >> that looks really encouraging for her. new tonight, a big mission from the man accused of hoaxing manti te'o. he says he felt deeply,
5:48 pm
romantically in love and said he was confused about his sexuality. it is planning to come clean and reveal the exact nature of his relationship in an interview that will be aired tomorrow. >>rihanna is defending her romance with chris brown. he was charged with a felony in the case. she says things are different now. she says dating brown makes her happy and if it is a mistake she says she is ok with that. >> tonight kicks off with "the middle" at 8:00, and "nashville" is at 10:00.
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don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look at head -- a look ahead. >> more on gabrielle giffords testimony in the senate today. a lot of pressure on facebook after months of tumbling stocks. those stories and more at 6:00. >> we have some serious weather coming up. >> the weather conditions continue to deteriorate especially west of washington, and more so later tonight as heavy rain and strong winds moving in. there is a lot more from where that is being generated. we have had severe thunderstorm
5:50 pm
watch as just east of roanoke. there is a lot of rain out there to get through. this is being powered eastward by very strong cold front. once the heavier rain moves then later tonight, the strong winds will be with us for several hours and we will pick up a lot of rain. 56 in leesburg over an inch of rain in frederick county. temperatures in the 50's after climbing into the 70's earlier. flash flooding watches and flood watches widespread across the area and flash flood warnings back to the west. parts of loudoun county with those heavy rains in effect right now. south west virginia has tornado watches, tornado warnings over the charlotte area. we will monitor it very closely. looks like around 9:00 or 10:00
5:51 pm
we will see the heaviest weather and most damaging wind potential and tremendous downpours as well. snow flurries friday morning and temperatures only in the 30's. a lot more coming up. >> we are only four days away from the big moment. >> we had rain this morning but it is gorgeous down here right now. we talk so much about drawn hot -- john harbaugh and super bowl xlvii. jack harbaugh i have known him since the 1980's. he is married to jackie for 51 years. they are family oriented. it is like a good old-fashioned all-american sitcom. out wo sons is the -- our two sons is the show playing out
5:52 pm
this week. >> we have allowed them to be who they are, and we are most proud of that. >> jack and jackie harbaugh held a news conference, essentially out of necessity. everybody here is talking about harbaugh versus hardball. -- hardball versus -- harbaugh versus harbaough. >> she is the one that moved us 17 times in a 43-year coaching career. >> that have a saying and for good measure -- who is better than us?
5:53 pm
nobody. >> the ravens one in 2007. >> every single parent can identify with that. the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. on sunday night, we will experience both of those great emotions and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> i was always told that if you get a good story, it will live in your heart forever. >> really nice to see that. >> anne arundel county
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you.
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start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> the picture of anne arundel county executive john leopold is up in the air tonight after he was found guilty of two counts of misconduct in office.
5:57 pm
>> more on what people living in that county are saying about the scandal. >> it has been a mere 24 hours after the conviction on misconduct charges and the feeling is that his tenure here may be nearing an end. the storm cloud that's world high above annapolis today mirrored the political climate on the ground. it was hard for residents of anne arundel county to escape the headlines. the county executive john leopold was convicted on two counts of misconduct and now there are calls for his resignation. >> he is not setting a good example. >> the judge called a 69-year- old leopold cruel and predatory and found him guilty of using county employees to change his catheter back and stand guard as he had sexual acts in a parking lot. it has all been too much for
5:58 pm
county residents to digest over the last year. today, residents seemed resigned to the idea that leopold must resign. >> anybody who is convicted should not hold office anymore. >> you represent the county, and if you do wrong, you have to pay the price. >> january 30 emergency meeting of the anne arundel county council. >> to have an elected official who is convicted of misconduct in office is a disgrace to anne arundel county. >> the county council will vote on monday on that proposal. based on the sheer number of co- sponsors for the bill alone, it appears to be a foregone conclusion. >> that does it for abc 7 news
5:59 pm
it 5:00. coming up at 6:00, testimony on capitol hill as gabby gifford plates with congress to push new gun legislation. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we are on storm watch tonight as heavy weather is making its way into the washington area. >> we kick off our stormwater coverage with doug hill who has the latest for us. >> this is the leading edge of


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